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Road Safety and Infrastructure

Founded in 2003, Ignidon has acquired the necessary experience and today delivers throughout Belgium road safety products according to the SB250 standard with CE marking.

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Why IGNIDON products?

Ignidon specializes in the production and delivery of niche infrastructure products.

Founded in 2003, Ignidon has acquired the necessary experience and today delivers Belgium products for road safety according to the SB250 standard with CE marking.

Ignidon follows the latest trends and inventions and is constantly preparing for new developments.

Specialist in road safety, Ignidon also creates various products and systems that benefit the entire infrastructure.


In Road Safety and Infrastructure


Various products for temporary signaling, such as lamps and beaconing material.


Our Boxwall dams are easy to erect and move flood barriers that can rise up to 50cm and 100cm high.


Ignidon crash cushions reduce the impact of an accident and thus can save lives!


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Crash Attenuators - SMA City

The dangers of collisions at 50 km/h or even slower are generally underestimated. Studies have shown that low-speed collisions with fixed obstacles can cause serious injury or even death to the driver and passengers. That’s why we developed the SMA City, a unique crash cushion that promotes road safety.

The very small dimensions (only 900 mm long) of the SMA City do not affect the aesthetics of the city and guarantee increased safety since the attenuators reduce the impact in the event of a collision against fixed obstacles such as street lights, trees, roundabouts, and monuments.

A simple and inexpensive solution.

The SMA City has been validated at 50 km/h according to the European standard UNI EN 1317.

Ignidon - Specialist in Road Safety and Infrastructure